Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)

Days payable outstanding (DPO) is a ratio measuring the average time a company takes to pay its invoices & bills to suppliers and vendors.

Net Book Value (NBV)

Net book value is the value of an asset as recorded in the books of accounts of a company.

What is Incurred Cost?

Incurred cost is an expense which a company becomes liable for in exchange for consuming or otherwise profiting from the usage of an asset.

CFA Exam Costs

There are so many good reasons to become a Chartered Financial Analyst.

CPA Exam Application Process

If you’ve decided to pursue the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) credential, you need to understand how to apply, schedule, and take the exam.

CPA vs MBA: Which is Better?

Whether you are a college student planning out your career track or a seasoned professional seeking to elevate their position, a CPA or MBA may be a good option for your future.

Long Term Debt to Total Assets (LTD/TA)

Long term debt to total assets ratio (LTD/TA) is a metric indicating the proportion of long-term debt—obligations lasting more than a year—in a company’s total assets.

TI-84 Plus TVM Tutorial

When compared to other financial calculators used on finance courses, the TI-84 is fairly easy.

CPA Exam Sections

If you are planning on pursuing a Certified Public Accountant license, commonly known as a CPA, you will need to pass the Uniformed CPA Exam.