Best Financial Management Courses

Finance is a rapidly growing industry and there are now more courses than ever to choose from. We’ve picked a number of the best financial management courses that might be a good choice for you.

Use these options as a starting point for your own research to find the best financial management course for your personal needs.

Please note that “best” is subjective when it comes to educational courses. You will need to try them to really know if they are right for your learning style.

Some of the Best Financial Management Courses

Below is a brief list of some of the best courses we have found for students who want to become finance managers.

This list is not exhaustive and doesn’t cover every option, but it does give you a very solid starting point.

Complete Finance Manager (Udemy) ★★★★★ View Price →
Financial Management (University of Illinois) ★★★★★ View Price →
Financial Management Study (Udemy) ★★★★★ View Price →
Intro to Financial Management (Udemy) ★★★★ View Price →
Budgets, Cashflow and Accounts (Udemy) ★★★★ View Price →
Advanced Financial Management (Udemy) ★★★★ View Price →
Financial Management (Cornell) ★★★★ $3,900 →
ICCF (Columbia Business School) ★★★★ $2,950 →
Financial Management (Penn State) ★★★★ $2,475 →

Our Top Picks

There are so many financial management courses available and which one is right for you really depends on what stage of your financial career you are at. To help you find the right courses quickly, we’ve broken down the courses above into beginner, intermediate, and advanced options for you.


Introduction to Financial Management

For complete beginners, this one hour class on Udemy is a great primer for all things financial management.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of financial management (including financial statements, types of leverage, and capitalization).

It’s a relatively cheap price to get you started before you move on to more advanced topics.



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Budgets, Cashflow Forecasting and Management Accounts

This course is suitable for anybody, even if you have no prior finance knowledge, and it is a more hands-on financial management course.

If you manage a small business, a charity or non-profit this will be a very useful course.

With 14 lectures spread over 2.5 hours of videos, you get a deeper dive into how you develop a budget, creating cash flow forecasts and understanding the basics of management accounts.

Like all courses on Udemy, it’s generally available at a discounted price and will help you to start your financial management career.



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The Complete Finance Manager Course

If you are looking for the one financial management course to go for, the Complete Finance Manager course on Udemy is very highly rated and incredibly comprehensive for such a low price.

Over 14,000 students have enrolled on this course to study the 13 hours of video lectures included. It has a 4.4-star rating with over 1,400 reviews.

We always hesitate to refer to any course as “the best” but this would be right up there if we did.

It’s recommended to have a basic knowledge of finance, but it is a very well-paced course that teaches you about enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting, working capital, financial statements, capital budget, working with Excel and much more!

The course instructors have worked with companies like Coca-Cola, HSBC Bank and Morgan Stanley, so they really know their stuff!



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Advanced Financial Management

The Advanced Financial Management course on Udemy is for anybody who has a very good understanding of financial management and accounting and wants to take it to the next level.

If you are studying for your CFA or CPA exams this might be a good course to brush up on some of the concepts.

The course spans a whopping 44 hours of video and 432 lessons that explore some advanced concepts like:

  • mergers and acquisitions
  • capital market instruments
  • advanced capital budgeting
  • risk analysis
  • venture capital
  • mutual funds
  • and a lot, lot more!

It’s a self-paced course and is presented with simple language (similar to what we try to do here on Study Finance).



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Financial Management Specialization

The Financial Management Specialization is a very comprehensive course available on Coursera and presented by the University of Illinois.

This is a seven-month course with a recommended weekly commitment of 6 hours per week and it forms a small part of the University of Illinois’ iMBA program.

The course will give you a solid foundation of strategic financial decision-making, an advanced understanding of financial statements, managing and evaluating portfolios, and how to incorporate risk into decision making.

If you plan to go on and do further education, such as an MBA, this is a very reliable course that has over 18,000 students enrolled and is offered by a very well known school.



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We are very transparent at Study Finance and we want to provide the most honest course reviews possible.

In this article we have researched some of the best financial management courses we can find online and have picked a couple of them as top choices for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

We don’t “recommend” these courses and we are not saying they are the truly “the best”.

Use the links above, check out the sample videos and lessons available, and decide for yourself which ones seem like they will be a good choice for you.

The bottom line is:

  • Try as many courses as you can for free first
  • Decide how committed you want to be
  • Decide how much you’re willing to spend
  • Pick one based on the content of the course, not a review on a website

Supporting Study Finance

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This commission is how we are funded, and how we can avoid covering our site with advertising that interrupts students.

By using our links, you will help to support this site and our authors.

You are, of course, under no obligation to do so and can go directly to the provider websites if you prefer.

I hope this article helped you with your search for a financial management course.


Ian, owner of Study Finance