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From students and teachers in the classroom to future banking and private equity associates, current analysts, startup founders, investors and career changers…

Anybody can learn finance, accounting and business with the right tools. Here’s how we can help you:

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If you are an undergrad or grad student, you can learn the accounting, valuation and financial modeling skills you’ll need to recruit into investment banking, private equity, corporate finance, asset management, equity research or accounting roles.

Even if you have a basic level of understanding, our lessons and guides will help you to brush up on anything you need to, and explain the formulas and concepts in a way you’ll be able to remember during exams or recruitment interviews.

If you’re recruiting into private equity or hedge funds, you’ll be able to learn about free cash flow (FCF), leveraged buyout models (LBO) and how to calculate enterprise value—topics you’ll need to know about on-the-job.

For those of you recruiting into Wall Street summer internships or entry-level full-time roles, our free tutorials will be hugely beneficial to you.

With a focus on simple explanations, easy-to-follow examples, and condensing the information to only what you need to know, you’ll quickly learn the key technical skills that interviewers are likely to test you on.

Current analysts and finance professionals can get a lot of benefit too, as we help them to get a better understanding of the technical skills.

Even if you know a lot, we all have to use Google to find a specific answer to our question sometimes!

Our content on stock valuation is perfect for anybody looking to analyze a company and determine if they want to invest (long or short) in a stock. From terminal value and enterprise value to the many financial ratios covering profitability, leverage, liquidity, efficiency and more, you’ll have all the tools you need to value stocks.

Startup founders need to be able to understand their accounts, their financial statements, and be able to use the information to model and forecast growth.

You also have the least amount of free time to do it! We help here by covering the basics in the easiest (and quickest) way possible so you can forecast cash flows, understand your margins, and secure funding without getting wrapped up in numbers.

Anybody who is looking to move into a new career in finance or accounting will get a lot out of free guides. All of the fundamental topics are covered and even if you have no prior finance or accounting knowledge, you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

Teachers all over the world use our content in the classroom or as homework with their students. Planning a curriculum is tough (I know, because I run a few education businesses) and we can help you to plan your lessons and give your students explanations and examples they understand quickly.

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Democratizing financial education

Our mission is to make finance, accounting, and business knowledge as accessible and easy-to-understand as possible.

Learning finance can be expensive, and a lot of tutorials and articles fail to explain the concepts in an understandable way.

We want to make financial education available to people around the world by reducing the cost of learning as much as possible.