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In memory of Dr. Sharon Garrison

Study Finance was founded by Dr. Sharon Garrison. Sharon spent over 36 years teaching, and truly loved what she did. She grew interested in electronic teaching in the mid-1990s and worked with many different platforms. She ultimately focused on Internet-based learning and successfully delivered distance classes for over 15 years.

In 1999, Sharon acted on an idea that she had and created StudyFinance.com. Her vision was to bring finance and general business concepts to a larger audience. Today, the material on StudyFinance.com is actively used in classrooms throughout the world.

Sadly, Dr Garrison unexpectedly passed away, and shutting down StudyFinance.com was considered. However, the realization that Sharon continues to teach all over the world through StudyFinance seems a fitting tribute to her memory. Therefore, it will remain online and continue to help future generations to learn financial concepts, study for a new career, and hopefully increase their earning potential and quality of life.

As from the beginning, all material presented on this website is considered intellectual property and can only be used for personal, educational, or non-commercial use.

Today, new content, online courses, and lessons are being made available to students worldwide. We are proud to build upon Sharon’s legacy and will continue to make financial education as easy, affordable, and available as possible to students across the world.

Sharon, you are missed.

The Study Finance team

Suzy Stewart

Owner and operator

Suzy is a CFA L3 candidate with both a BBA and an MBA. She has a long history as an entrepreneur and has over 10 years experience in managing content marketing team for her own businesses as well as some well known brands.

Her clear and concise approach to business has helped her to grow her own businesses to 4 million monthly visitors.

Karli M


Karli is an academic researcher with three degrees (!): a BCom Financial Management Science, an Honours degree in Business Management and an MBA from the Univesity of South Africa.

Karli is able to take complex finance and business concepts and deliver them into information that can be easily understood.

Aditi L

Excel templates

Aditi is a financial analyst and CFA with an advanced level knowledge of Microsoft Excel. She has extensive experience in financial analysis, projections, regression, scenario analysis and business plan forecasting.

The free and premium Excel templates and calculators available on Study Finance have all been created by Aditi.

Uma B


Based in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Uma is a CPA turned writer!

She has extensive experience in researching highly technical matters, but her strength is interpreting technical or complex matters and presenting that information into easy-to-read articles and blogs.

Work with us

We’re always looking for talented people to create finance, accounting and business content. Right now we’re interested in hearing from you if you have the skills and experience to teach finance to others using video presentations and screen recordings.

If that sounds like you, please get in touch at the email address at the top of the page.